Find a ConTiGO Certified™ Nature-Based Pediatric Therapist

ConTiGO Certified™ therapists are committed to excellence & expertise in nature-based therapy for children.

ConTiGO Certified™ therapists have passed our certification process for the ConTiGO (Connection & Transformation in the Great Outdoors) Approach by completing continuing education on theoretical frameworks, research evidence, best practices, and outdoor skills related to nature-based therapy service provision for children.

ConTiGO Certified™ therapists also have access to training and mentorship with experienced nature-based pediatric therapists for ongoing professional development. 

*** ConTiGO Certified™ therapist runs their own independent business or works for an employer who is an independent business. As such, we encourage you to evaluate them as thoroughly as you would any other healthcare practitioner. Should you choose to work with a ConTiGO Certified™ therapist, the engagement for services will be directly with the ConTiGO Certified™ therapist’s business or place of employment. ***