Episode 54: Enneagram 2: Rachel Edgerly Germanovich

Season #1 Episode #54

In this episode of the Enneagram series, I talk with Rachel Edgerly Germanovich, nature-based occupational therapist and founder of Learn Play Live OT.

Rachel shares her lived experience as an Enneagram 2 including how the traits of that personality type have influenced and shaped her as a business owner. She talks about the challenges she faces as an Enneagram 2 including the difficulty of saying “no” and standing firm in her client avatar. You’ll hear her advice on eliciting feedback as an Enneagram 2 and her dreams for the future of her practice.

We discuss:

  • What an Enneagram 2 entrepreneur looks like

  • The fears, desires, and wings of an Enneagram 2

  • How her strengths as an Enneagram 2 has influenced how she runs her practice 

  • Examples of her strengths as an Enneagram 2 business owner

  • The challenges she runs into as an Enneagram 2 in business

  • Her tips for eliciting feedback for other Enneagram 2s

  • The difficulty to say “no” and stick to her client avatar 

  • Her dreams for her business as an Enneagram 2

  • What she wishes people knew about interacting with an Enneagram 2


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