Episode 53: Enneagram 1: Krista Frahm

Season #1 Episode #53

In this conversation of the Enneagram series, I interview Krista Frahm, a copywriter, OT, and founder of Krista Frahm Agency. 

Krista talks about how being an Enneagram 1 resonates with her and the biggest strengths she has as an Enneagram 1. She also shares some of her challenges and what dreams she has for her business. You’ll hear her tips specific for her fellow Enneagram type 1’s on how to find the courage to take risks for business growth and success. 


We discuss:

  • What being an Enneagram 1 would look like as a business owner

  • The fears, desires and wings of an Enneagram 1 

  • Being an Enneagram 1 as an employee vs. entrepreneur

  • Krista’s biggest strengths running a business as an Enneagram 1

  • Challenges she faces as an Enneagram 1 in business

  • Her tips for entrepreneurs on what gave her the courage to take risks 

  • The dreams she has as an Enneagram 1 for her business

  • How you can best interact with Enneagram 1s in your own life


Resources from this episode:
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