Episode 51: All About Employees with Brandon Seigel

Season #1 Episode #51

Do you have your hiring ducks in a row? Whether it’s hiring, determining compensation, recruitment techniques, onboarding or cultivating company culture - as an OT entrepreneur, this is one area you’ll want to focus on.

My guest in this episode was Brandon Seigel, CEO of Wellness Works Management Partners and host of the Private Practice Survival Guide

In this episode, Brandon breaks down all of the biggest questions that come up around employees and finding the right team to support your business. 

Brandon and I discuss:

  • Why Brandon loves working with OTs

  • His reasoning for launching his business

  • Hiring for growth vs. hiring for need

  • What you need to know about hiring contractors vs. employees

  • Creative compensation and your employee culture

  • How he separates performance and financial analysis

  • His tips for recruitment of high-quality therapists

  • What to look out for when interviewing

  • Mistakes business owners make when onboarding


Resources from this episode:
Wellness Works Management Partners
Private Practice Survival Guide
Crafting Your Compensation Strategy: Understanding The Variables That Impact Your Employee Reimbursement Decisions