Episode 44: Release Limiting Beliefs & Follow Your Intuition with Landy Peek

Season #1 Episode #44

All of us have limiting beliefs about ourselves, businesses and our lives. Limiting beliefs are part of being human. However, if we can tap into our intuition and shift our mindset, we can embrace the role of CEO in our businesses. 

My guest on this episode, Landy Peek of Best Birth Healing. Landy is a women’s health practitioner and also specializes in mindset coaching for health professionals and birth workers.

In this episode, we talk about how you can tap into your intuition, releasing limiting beliefs and how it can help guide your business and life. 

Landy and I discuss:

  • How Landy’s business progressed when she tapped into her intuition

  • Why the skill of asking good questions is so important

  • The limiting belief most entrepreneurs have

  • What imposter syndrome is

  • Where limiting beliefs originate

  • External factors that shape our limiting beliefs

  • A visualization exercise to help release limiting beliefs

  • How intuition is related to our limiting beliefs

  • The concept of light vs. heavy

  • Why you should be curious about your feelings

  • The shift that took Landy’s business forward

  • Stepping into your authentic self


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