Episode 43: Accept Challenges & Commit to Action with Carlyn Neek

Season #1 Episode #43

Do you struggle with negative thoughts about yourself? With anxiety, fear or insecurity about your work as an OT entrepreneur? My guess is that you probably answered yes to those questions because the truth is: we all face this.

My guest on this episode, Carlyn Neek brought so many helpful tips. Carlyn is an OT and personal development coach who was trained in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). 

In this episode, we talk about the 6 principles of ACT to help you accept the challenging thoughts and emotions that come up as you're building your business and help you take action in a way that’s aligned with your values. 

Carlyn and I discuss:

  • What Carlyn does in her practice as an OT who does personal development coaching

  • How she got her first coaching clients

  • Why you want to have a niche market

  • The 6 core processes of ACT

  • How you have the power to change your thinking by changing your doing

  • Why you have to be clear about your why and your direction

  • How values can be different in different roles

  • How to own the challenges you face and build resilience


Resources from this episode:

Self Therapy
Start with Why
Activate Vitality: Rise and Live Fully 
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