Episode 40: Get Out of Overwhelm by Hiring a Virtual Assistant with Courtney Smith

Season #1 Episode #40

Have you been hesitant to begin delegating tasks in your business?

Courtney Smith is a dual PT/OT, turned copywriter who is passionate about helping private practices thrive with effective direct marketing to clients, in a referral-dominant healthcare system. She is also somewhat of a matchmaker in that she matches up healthcare entrepreneurs with virtual assistants (VA).

In this episode, we talk about how delegating can help you, what you need to know about hiring the right VA and advice for people just getting started with outsourcing.

Courtney and I discuss:

  • How she got started in doing non-clinical work
  • The services her business offers and her vision for her business
  • What email marketing and copywriting is (and how it can help your business)
  • How she’s building a network of virtual assistants for healthcare entrepreneurs
  • Why a lot of VAs don’t post their prices
  • How you can find the right person when hiring a VA
  • Advice for people who are hesitant to outsource
  • The best ways to communicate with VAs
  • Her biggest fail learns in her own business
  • What’s going really well for in her business


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