Episode 32: Top 10 Tips for a Successful Online Launch

Season #1 Episode #32

I’m sharing my top ten tips for a successful online launch based on my lessons learned from launching 3 online products this year: my Business Bedrocks Group Coaching Program, The OT Entrepreneur Summit, and my Nature-Based Therapy Treatment Plans & Camp Kit -- which combined grossed $53,781 in total revenue, all during a global pandemic. I hope what I’ve learned in the process can help you.

While these tips are focused on online launches, much of what I share here applies to ANY new product or service in your business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

·      Why “launching” is important versus having an evergreen product or service.

·      Marketing strategies to set your business up for a successful launch LONG before the actual launch.

·      Pre-launch preparation tips to make launching as simple as possible.

·      Specific tips for structuring the launch so that you can ENJOY selling your awesome service or product!

Resources from this episode:

·      Now LAUNCHING: The ConTiGO Approach Online Course! The long-awaited online course to give pediatric therapists the therapeutic framework and practical skills for effective and evidence-based therapy with children in nature. Registration will be open Nov. 15-20, 2021 (yep- just 5 days!…listen to the episode to find out WHY) for our January 1-30, 2021 cohort…so check out the details and register today if you’re a peds therapist who is ready to adventure into nature-based therapy! 🌿