Episode 28: Brand New Business Highlight: Anita Martin, owner of Sex Assist

Season #1 Episode #28

This is a new kind of episode where we hear from brand new OT-practitioner-owned businesses in non-traditional niches. For our first Brand New Business Highlight episode, Anita Martin, owner of Sex Assist, joined me to talk about her coaching business where she helps female clients become more sexually satisfied. You'll hear how she got started in this important work, and the important lessons she's already learned. *Warning- this episode contains adult topics and may not be suitable for children. Wear headphones! :)

Anita and I discuss:

●      Identifying her ideal client and meeting their needs.

●      Marketing her services and getting her first clients.

●      Diversifying revenue streams by offering webinars or online courses.

●      How she defines her work as an “independent coaching clinician” using her occupational therapy assistant background to inform her work.

●      How she connects with other OT practitioners as referral sources.

●      What her sessions with clients look like.

●      Supporting clients with a history of trauma.

●      And as always: her biggest “fail-learn” and biggest success as an entrepreneur and what you can learn from her experiences.

Connect with Anita on her Facebook page here! (I purposefully scheduled this several months in advance to post ON her birthday so if you’re listening on August 13, go wish her a very happy birthday!) 🎉

Anita Martin's Sex Assist Business on Facebook