Episode 27: How to Start a Nature-Based Pediatric Practice + Some Honest Talk about Launching & Pricing Online Products!

Season #1 Episode #27

This is a solo episode where I answer frequently asked questions about starting and managing a nature-based pediatric practice, PLUS share some super-honest insights (as usual! haha!) from the prep for launching my practice’s online products. (Wanna go straight to the nature-based resources? Click here!)

***[NOTE: If you just want to listen in for the “Honest Talk about Mindset Issues While Launching & Pricing Online Products!” it starts at 32:40!]***


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How I started Outdoor Kids OT (OKOT), my nature-based pediatric practice, and how it grew.

  • How the ConTiGO (Connection & Transformation in the Great Outdoors) Approach was developed. 😁

  • Start-up logistics: finding a location, getting liability insurance, and grouping children for services.

  • Structure of our nature-based OT groups at OKOT: length of sessions and the different activities we include in each group. You can get a bunch of treatment activities to try in my book.

  • Systems needed for nature-based therapy: Nature-based therapy is not just nature play. There is a therapy process behind nature-based therapy in which you individualize the support for children based on their needs as you carry out your therapy services as a co-facilitator with nature. (Learn more about the differences between nature-based learning/enrichment/schools versus nature-based therapy by checking out my FB live on the topic in the free Therapy in the Great Outdoors ~ Nature-Based Pediatric Therapists Facebook group.)

Click HERE to check out ALL the resources Outdoor Kids OT has created to support nature-based therapists in their work outdoors with children: the Nature-Based Treatment Plans Pack, the Ultimate Nature-Based Therapy Camp Kit, and the BUNDLE of both the Plans Pack and the Camp Kit that includes TONS of bonus content.

I want to share some honest insights about mindset issues I encountered while pricing and preparing to launch these online resources. [This talk starts at 32:40 in the episode…]

  1. Having a cart open/close is SO MUCH more sane then having “evergreen” resources. It allows me to “sell” only while the cart is open and then just be “me” on social media and focus on connection and relationships when I’m NOT selling. Also, it helps people make the actual decision to buy because they can’t get the resources at all times. (FYI- a 7 day cart open is plenty long! You have to be promoting while it’s open and that begins to feel heavy after about a week.)

  2. We need to price for VALUE, rather than asking “What might people pay for this?” to set our prices. Shifting mindset to thinking about WHAT exactly are you offering people in any offer you make! To use my products as an example: they are NOT impulse purchases. I WANT people to only purchase these if they are right for them and can help them. If they are the right customer for us, I am 100% confident these products will save them HOURS of time, prevent LOADS of stress, and allow them to feel confident and clear-minded as a nature-based therapist. What is that worth? WAY more than we’re charging, I’m positive. This way of pricing allows you to truly value your products, your customers, and your time as a business owner.

  3. BUT I still have fears of being judged by our OT community. And I need to sit with that and be OK that some people will not agree with my business decisions. Here’s what helps: I give away a TON of content for absolutely FREE and have been doing so for many years now. When you have a track record of serving people for free, you can feel much more comfortable as a business owner pricing your products for the true value they offer to your customers.

  4. Finally, I truly believe if it is the right product for a customer, they will pay for something they value because they know its worth is far greater than what they’re paying.

That’s it for this week! I hope I got some wheels turning in your head about either taking your work outdoors OR pricing and valuing your services!

Take a small step because small steps make great gains over time…so until next time, mind your OT business…outside maybe? 🌿