Episode 26: Making Business Finances Fun, with Moise Hermantin, Bookkeeper & Accountant

Season #1 Episode #26

Moise Hermantin is owner of Affluent Profit Advisers, a bookkeeping and accounting service primarily focusing on occupational therapy and physical therapy entrepreneurs. He’s on a mission to make working on business finances fun and personalized for OT and PT business owners.

Moise and I discuss:

  • Why a bookkeeper is one of the first people you should put on your business team!
  • Moise recommends Mike Michalowicz’ book Profit First (and I DO TOO!)
  • Ways to get capital to start your business
  • Setting up a business bank account
  • Why interviewing a bookkeeper or accountant is important
  • Things to know about Quickbooks Online (Moise doesn’t like the online version of quickbooks) vs. purchasing a licence for your own Quickbooks.
  • Reports that you should know how to read as a business owner:
    • Revenue statement- how much your business made and where the money came from, plus fees you paid to get the money.
    • Profit/Loss statement
    • Balance sheet- shows everything you have in your company vs. how much you actually own in equity vs. how much you have in liabilities (loans, credit card debt, etc.)
    • Your BUDGET!
  • Tips for managing billing insurance and getting paid a long time after services are provided
  • The difference between cash vs. accrual accounting (and why you must use accrual-based rather than cash-based accounting if you are an insurance based practice.)
  • The difference between “receivables” (you’re “able” to receive payment; what you’re DUE to get) and “payables” (you have to be able to pay these!; what you’re mandated to pay in the future).
  • How you can save money by giving your bookkeeper or accountant what they need on a monthly basis (rather than letting things pile up for a year and paying a premium)!
  • Tips for ways to manage business receipts.

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My action step from this episode was to ASK QUESTIONS of my bookkeeper and accountant, to stop being afraid to make them explain things to me. What was your main takeaway?