Episode 25: Being Brave and Taking Charge as an OT Entrepreneur

Season #1 Episode #25

I am so excited to bring Janice McCullough on the podcast today for an on-air coaching call with me. Janice owns a practice in Alberta, Canada called Rest is Best which focuses on the niche of sleep. We discuss marketing, conducting discovery calls, finding ideal clients, making improvements, finding opportunities, and how to be brave and take charge as an OT entrepreneur. I really admire Janice for having the courage to do this coaching call on-air… because it isn’t easy to share our entrepreneurial journeys with the whole world! I hope you’ll learn a lot from our conversation and be inspired by her!

Janice and I discuss:

  • The story of how she started her business, Rest is Best, and what it’s all about.
  •     Identifying her ideal clients.
  •     Doing internal work to think like an entrepreneur.
  •     How taglines can work for your marketing.
  •     How to take charge of a discovery call to protect your time and establish your expertise with potential clients.
  •     Tips on making online marketing easier for your business.
  •     Looking for opportunities to connect with her ideal clients.
  •     Designing products around her niche and thinking about creative ways to deliver value to her ideal customers to make her business even more profitable.

I think Janice had some real breakthroughs on this call and I can’t wait to see where she goes with her business in the coming months and years! 

Connect with Janice and follow along with the growth of her business at:

Rest is Best Website

Rest is Best: Wellness Through Sleep Facebook

Wellness Through Sleep Instagram