Episode 24: The Entrepreneur In All of Us — Reverse interview, hosted by Laura Joyce Davis, host of the Shelter in Place Podcast

Season #1 Episode #24

This is the MOST nervous I have ever been about publishing an episode! 😳

Laura Joyce Davis is a dear friend, a talented author, and the creator and host of Shelter in Place- a podcast about “finding daily sanity in a world that feels increasingly insane.” (Great tagline, right?)

A few weeks ago, she interviewed ME for her podcast. Then she surprised me by suggesting I share it with all of YOU here on the MYOTBiz podcast. I was rather resistant to this idea but in the end, decided to lean into the discomfort and share it. You’ll hear why in my super-nervous intro…

We discuss occupational therapy, entrepreneurship, parenting, and lessons learned during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic. I hope you feel encouraged after listening to our conversation.

What were your takeaways? I would love to hear! Comment below or join us in the Mind Your OT Business Facebook group to discuss your thoughts. 💚

For more thought-provoking content about finding sanity in a world that feels increasingly insane, go to laurajoycedavis.com or listen to Shelter in Place wherever you get your podcast fix