Episode 19: [COACHING] Finding a Niche & Building Systems to Grow Your Business with Abigail Wool-Biringer

Season #1 Episode #19

This episode is unlike any of my past episodes because it’s the first time I’ve done an on-air coaching call! Abilgail Wool-Biringer is the owner of Kids Empowered for Life.  She had some questions on focusing, growing, and scaling her business. This is a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what business coaching looks like. I love Abigail’s vulnerability to talk publicly about her business and the way she is already thinking like a boss! I hope this episode shows how working with a business coach can not only be a fun conversation, but can help you gain clarity, solve problems, and forge a path forward to grow your business on your own terms!


Abigail and I discuss:

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