Episode 18: Melissa LaPointe on Embracing Life as a Digital CEO

Season #1 Episode #18

It was such an honor to interview Melissa LaPointe on this episode! Melissa is an occupational therapist-turned-consultant who is an expert in online business and entrepreneurial leadership. After running a brick-and-mortar practice, she transitioned to full-time online business ownership and is now location independent. She helps occupational therapists market and sell their digital products and coaching programs with confidence. There is SO much in this conversation for all entrepreneurs- even if your business in not online! Truly, the main theme throughout was how to think and act and BE an intentional and wise CEO of your own business. You will learn so much from Melissa’s thoughtful and intentional approach to entrepreneurship in this episode!


Melissa and I discuss:

  • How she transitioned from brick-and-mortar practice owner to online business owner

  • Systems she uses to organize her online work and her team

  • How we can develop online course modules using a brain-based approach to learning

  • Why occupational therapy school sets us up to FAIL as business owners. (This starts at 28:30!)

  • Why we need to explore our mindset around time and money to be healthy entrepreneurs

  • Being a CEO…what does it mean? How to think like and embody the actions of good leadership as a CEO of your company. (36:27)

  • What Melissa’s experience has been getting business coaching for herself to build her business.

  • Why business coaching does NOT mean you’re admitting “weakness” or failure. (It actually means the opposite…that you’re thinking like an entrepreneur and wanting to thoughtfully grow your business.)

  • Podcast recommendation: Screw the Nine to Five

  • How to SELL your service or product and feel great about it!

  • Minimalism and organization as a business owner.

  • How to attract your ideal clients.

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Remember: small steps make great gains over time. So until next time, Mind Your OT Business! ♥️