Episode 14: HONEST Reflections on ANONYMOUS Feedback from My First Training Retreat

Season #1 Episode #14

In this episode, I pull back the curtain on how we respond to constructive criticism as business owners, using my own honest reflections on the anonymous feedback I gathered after the Therapy in the Great Outdoors Training Retreat. You’ll hear REAL feedback from attendees at the retreat…both the positive AND the negative, cause that’s how I roll on this podcast (and in life and business in general). :)

This was my VERY FIRST time planning, hosting, and teaching an in-person retreat for therapists. Overall, the feedback was OVERWHELMINGLY positive. But in this podcast, I’m sharing a lot of the constructive criticism comments so you can hear my thought processes as I reflect on what to do differently next time!

GROWTH MINDSET, PEOPLE!!!!!! It is easy to talk about, HARD to practice. But is the only way forward as a business owner. We NEED to ask our customers for their anonymous feedback, to tell us what they really feel, so we can respond and better serve them.

If you want to check out a great book about growth mindset, Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success is the best resource. It is one of my top 10 recommended books for business owners.

And if you’re interested in attending a future Therapy in the Great Outdoors Training Retreat, you can fill out the interest form here to be notified when we open registration for 2020 dates in May and September.

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