Episode 6: How to Get a Business Logo You LOVE Without Spending a Ton of Money

Season #1 Episode #6

In this episode, I share quick tips for creating a business logo that I learned from the (very expensive) graphic designers who did my logo and website. Hopefully this will help you NOT have to spend a ton of money! :)

Notes from this episode:

1.     Make a list of adjectives/words that express how you want people to feel about your business.

2.     Think in color theory.  Search google for which colors express the emotions you want people to feel about your business.

3.     Think about the problem you are solving for people, and incorporate aspects of this into your logo design.

4.     Get the hex codes for the colors you have chosen. And use these EXACT same colors in ALL of your branding.  This will help customers recognize your brand.

5.     Use Canva (free online design platform) to play with colors/design/etc.

6.     Decide if you want to use a serif or sans serif font.  Serif are generally considered easier to read (but my logo uses a sans serif font and I love it…it is really about what message you want to communicate to your customers.)

7.     Consider hiring a freelancer to design your logo after you’ve done some of the above things to get clear on what you want. (Fiverr, 99designs, Upwork)

ONE LAST THING I forgot to mention on the episode! Think about how people interact on social media nowadays- on their PHONES for the most part. Your logo will appear VERY SMALL on mobile devices and you should consider how your logo will look when people are viewing it as a TINY icon on Instagram or other social media platforms! One thing I HATE about my own logo is that it doesn’t look good small. :(

AFTER I had recorded the podcast I found this awesome business some of you may want to know about: https://www.logolaliadesign.com/ (No affiliation or experience with their services but seems to be beautiful work for website and logo design at a great price point for start-up entrepreneurs.)