Episode 4: How You Can Maximize Your TIME as an Entrepreneur- Part 2 of 3!

Season #1 Episode #4

Make sure to listen to episode 3 for Time Management Tips #1-3. We’re diving right into #4-6 on our Time Management Tips list this episode!

4. Do the right task at the right time of day.

·     When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Dan Pink

5. Use a timer to track your time so that you stay honest about how long tasks are taking you.

·     Toggl Time Tracker app

6. Shut off notifications on your phone and computer while you are working.

·     Brain hack: Shut off notifications, then do focused work, and reward yourself with the dopamine hit of checking Facebook, Instagram, or your own preferred social media or technology reward. J

I’ll be back in 2 weeks with the final episode in our Time Management Tips series…in which I may or may not have applied an OT theory to time management as a business owner. If the word “theory” scares you…DON’T let it! I promise it is NOT boring! ANNNDDD….I’ve scheduled the first interview for the MYOTBiz podcast! But it’s a surprise who it is…so stay tuned!