Episode 3: How You Can MAXIMIZE your TIME as an Entrepreneur- Part 1 of 3!

Season #1 Episode #3

This week's episode starts a 3 part series on how to manage and MAXIMIZE your TIME as an entrepreneur.  Learn tips and tricks to become more efficient in managing all the to-do's as you run and grow your business.

Here are the resources discussed in this episode! (Some are affiliate links at no additional cost to you):

  1. Get it ALL out of your head!

  • TRELLO Project Management App. I seriously don’t know how I ran my business before I had Trello. There are SO MANY applications for this useful tool in our businesses. I use it to organize everything in my life.

Here’s an example of some of my monthly lists for managing my business. Each card can be moved, edited, have attachments, checklists, notes, etc. Check out the short video below for how I use a weekly calendar in Trello.

2. Establish your top 3 must-do’s each day.

For me during the start of my business, one thing was SELF-REFLECTION. Here are the questions I used:

  1. What went well? (POSITIVES)

  2. What went wrong? (PROBLEMS)

  3. What will I do differently next time? (PROACTIVE SOLUTIONS)

3. Time block your schedule.

Here’s a link to a calendar-creation site that I use to create a color-coded time-blocked schedule each fall and spring semester.

And here’s an example of what my fall semester looked like:

This was an example of an IDEAL week. I almost never hit the mark perfectly, but it served as a compass to guide me back to what I needed to do when I got off track! (And reminded me of priorities.)

That’s it for this week! Jump in and take action on one of these things to help you manage your time better! Comment below if you’ve used any of these strategies or have other tips to share!