Episode 1: Mind Your OT Business!

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome to the Mind Your OT Business podcast! In this first episode, I tell the story of my path to business ownership and share why I’m starting this podcast FOR and BY occupational therapy entrepreneurs. We talk all about what it means to be empowered and equipped to be a savvy and successful entrepreneur as an occupational therapy business owner…and what exactly this podcast will be all about. Please subscribe & let me know what YOU want to hear on the podcast when you leave a review for the podcast! This is all about getting you the info you want and need as an OT business owner!

Here are the links for you to take ACTION on any of the content from this first episode:

March 2011 American Journal of Occupational Therapy article- Wanted: Entrepreneurs in Occupational Therapy by Anderson & Nelson

April 2017 Australian Occupational Therapy Journal article- Learning Management by Self-Employed Occupational Therapists in Private Practice by Milsteed, Redmond, & Walker

***UPDATE 6/6/22: I no longer maintain an active email list for OT Entrepreneurs as I've niched my business to nature-based practice owners and offer all my free resources at www.therapyinthegreatoutdoors.com ***


SO, the resources mentioned in this very old first episode of Mind Your OT Business are here (& you don't even have to give me your email!): 


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