Episode 57: Enneagram 5 - The Investigator: Hana Eichele

Season #1

Enneagram 5’s are known for being alert, curious and insightful. They are referred to as the Investigator and in this episode, we’re going to be breaking down this personality type with Investigator, Hana Eichele, founder of Roots Pediatric Therapy.

Hana and I explore the desires, fears and wings that are common among Investigators. You will learn about the strengths she has as an Investigator along with her biggest kryptonite. We also discuss how you can support the Investigator in your business and what dreams she has for her practice.

We discuss:

  • Who the Investigator is

  • Desires, wings and fears that Hana has as an Investigator

  • An Investigator’s biggest strength

  • Examples of when she was unhealthy as an Investigator

  • How overthinking and catastrophizing can be kryptonite

  • Her dreams for her business as influenced by being an Investigator

  • How you can support someone who is an Investigator


Resources from this episode:
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