Episode 58: Enneagram 6 - The Loyalist: Jenny Gill

Season #1

The Enneagram 6, also known as the loyalist, is known for being committed and security-oriented. In this episode, loyalist Jenny Gill and I discuss how her personality has shaped the way she runs her copywriting business and her goals for her company.

Tune in for her perspective on how being a loyalist has impacted her as an OT entrepreneur. You’ll hear our own lived experiences of how we interact with different Enneagram types and how she was able to take the leap of faith into starting her business. 

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We discuss:

  • How Jenny helps OT entrepreneurs with copywriting
  • The fears, desires and wings of the loyalist
  • Interactions of different Enneagram types between each other 
  • How being a loyalist benefits can benefit you as an OT entrepreneur
  • What enabled her to take the leap into starting her own business
  • How being a loyalist can influence your dreams of creating systems and processes for your business


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