Episode 62: Marika Austin on How Package Pricing Will Increase Profit in Your Practice (& Save Your Sanity!)

Season #1

Have you ever considered package pricing for your OT practice? In this episode, I’m chatting with someone who did exactly that, Marika Austin, founder of Bearfoot Occupational Therapy. 

Marika breaks down what brought her to the conclusion that package pricing might be a better-fit business model for her. She talks about how she faced burnout from not raising her prices and the challenges that led her to this package pricing breakthrough. She uncovers the tiered package pricing model she now uses and offers her advice for other OT entrepreneurs who want to break away from traditional pricing models to maximize profits and business growth. 

We discuss:

  • What led to her realization that there was something missing from her offering
  • The drawbacks of not raising your prices when you need to
  • Setbacks that led to her package breakthrough
  • Her strategy behind the tiered package pricing
  • The moment where she realized this could help other people
  • What helped her get her course done in a short turnaround
  • Why she wanted to have a simple delivery 
  • Her tips for launching and selling without an audience
  • The reasons why you have to give up control to grow your business
  • What she included in her Ultimate Guide to Package Pricing


Resources from this episode:
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Marika Austin's Instagram
Ultimate Guide to Package Pricing (For special pricing, use promo code: LAURA)