Episode 63: Dairian Roberts & Marissa Yahill: Creating a Profitable Online Learning Platform in a Niche Market

Season #1

Want to learn how 2 occupational therapists partnered together to create an online business? Tune into this episode of Mind Your OT Business with co-founders of The Lactation OT, Dairian Roberts & Marissa Yahill. Dairian is the founder of Humbled By Motherhood and Marissa is the founder of Lactation & Development Resources. Together, the duo joined forces to form this online learning community in the niche market of lactation and breastfeeding. You’ll hear all about their experience launching their online platform. We talk about everything from marketing strategy to tools used to how they formed this partnership. Plus, you’ll learn how to focus on your own zone of genius to fuel the growth and success of a joint venture. 


We discuss:

  • How Dairian and Marissa started their own businesses 
  • What the IBCLC certification is 
  • Specialty areas that lactation professionals can have
  • How they started this partnership together after identifying a gap in the market
  • Why they launched a free summit to kick off their Lactation OT business 
  • The progression of their online platform and failing to plan for growth
  • How they use Kajabi’s tools
  • How they created a revenue split program to reward course creators
  • Their marketing strategy for bringing in new clients
  • How they’ve created their revenue streams for this online learning business
  • How Dairian and Marissa hone in on their specific zones of genius
  • The complexity of hiring employees and growth
  • How to charge based on the value of your services
  • Why you need to take energetic rests to enhance your vision for the future


Resources from this episode:
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The Lactation OT Community
Lactation & Development Resources
Lactation & Development Facebook
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Humbled By Motherhood
Humbled By Motherhood Instagram

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