Episode 64: Listener Q & A: Building a Business Brand, Retiring Wealthy, Growing a Team, & the Future of OT Entrepreneurship

Season #1

What is the future of OT entrepreneurship? How do you retire wealthy as an OT entrepreneur? What do you need to know about building a team? Listen in as I break down questions from my listeners about all things OT entrepreneurship. You’ll hear insight into my own investing strategy and plans. I also share my experience with my first hire, how to create systems to replace yourself within your business and the two things you need to build a successful OT practice.

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I discuss:

  • Why you need focus and time to build a successful business
  • How the “traditional” way of thinking around retirement isn’t great
  • Why you need to create systems so your business can run without you
  • How I knew there was a niche for my non-traditional therapy service
  • My first hire within my business
  • How to know when it’s time to hire another OT
  • What I think is the future of OT entrepreneurship
  • How the pandemic affected the future of OT businesses

Resources from this episode:
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The OT Entrepreneur Summit LIVE! Nov. 12-14, 2021 in Boca Raton, FL