Episode 65: Building Community & Making Money on Instagram with Amirra Condolee

Season #1

Instagram is such a powerful tool for building community and creating connections, but are you using it to help grow your business and reach new clients as well? In this episode, I’m talking with Amirra Condolee about all things Instagram and how to make sure it is working for your business.

Amirra shares her journey on Instagram, how she grew her account and even gives an audit of my Instagram account. She discusses why connections on Instagram are so important to grow your account and how to create content that is going to be impactful and attract followers. From creating systems, knowing what and when to post and how to monetize your Instagram account, we cover it all. This episode has so much information on growing your Instagram account and connecting with potential customers, you will want to take notes!

We discuss:

  • Amirra’s OT and early intervention business journey
  • Why it’s important to niche down your content on Instagram
  • How to balance business and personal content on your account
  • The importance of connection authentically with people on Instagram
  • How to find connections without mindlessly scrolling
  • Why you should create posts based on your followers pain points
  • How to create a system and schedule for Instagram posts
  • Why your posts need a “hook” to grab people’s attention
  • Partnerships on Instagram and what they can look like
  • How to know when your followers are the most active
  • Relationship building and engagement and why it’s so key to Instagram growth


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