Episode 66: How to Confidently Offer Guarantees (So You Sell More and Make More $)

Season #1

Many business books and courses recommend offering a money-back guarantee. That might seem straightforward for a product-based business, but as a service-based business, how can you offer a guarantee while still protecting yourself from unnecessary refunds?

In this episode, I’m sharing how I crafted a guarantee in my OT business that actually makes my clients more invested in their experience and encourages them to do their end of the work. You’ll learn how to structure your own guarantee, what your guarantee should not cover, and how to communicate your policies to your clients. Plus, I’m breaking down the differences between offering these guarantees as a service-based business or a product-based business.


We’ll discuss:


  • Why it feels harder for service-based businesses to offer guarantees
  • Anxieties around offering these guarantees (and how to work through them)
  • How a guarantee builds trust with your clients
  • How to write a money-back guarantee that protects your business
  • What your guarantee shouldn’t cover 
  • How I created my business’s Good Fit Guarantee
  • Offering a guarantee as an online or product-based business
  • Ways to structure and communicate your own money-back guarantee
  • Using your guarantee to encourage clients to do the work


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