Episode 67: Lessons From My Biggest Fail-Learn Ever

Season #1

Every failure is a learning opportunity. No matter how bad it feels in the moment, you’ll someday be able to reflect on the experience and identify the lifelong lessons it gave you. It might take a month, it might take a year, but eventually you’ll be grateful you survived it.

In this episode, I’m opening up about my biggest fail-learn since embarking on my entrepreneurial journey. I’m sharing my experience with this year’s OT Entrepreneur Summit Live: what the plan was, what went wrong, and how I’m moving forward. Tune in for an honest conversation about this big fail-learn and the lessons we can all take from it.


We’ll discuss:

  • My biggest fail-learn since embarking on my entrepreneurial journey
  • Our plan going into the OT Entrepreneur Summit Live and what went wrong
  • Why it’s not always wise to place all your trust in the “experts”
  • Trusting your gut in your business, even when others disagree
  • Why it’s vital to advocate for your customers in your marketing
  • Why I’m treating this experience like a learning opportunity
  • How I’m moving forward in my business and what’s in the works for 2022


Resources from this episode:

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