Episode 70: Authentic Selling

Season #1

Do you struggle selling your services? I hear time and time again from business owners that they feel slimy asking for money, that they feel a sense of guilt when they use traditional sales tactics. But the key to selling with confidence is to combine the best strategies while doing what feels authentic to you.

In this episode, I'm sharing my thoughts about selling- why it’s so important to understand your offer and your audience and why so many people undervalue their own services. Plus: the mindset shift that has helped me sell from a place of authenticity.

We’ll discuss:


  • How to understand and believe in the value of your product or service
  • Why most business owners start off undervaluing and underpricing their work
  • How to market your offers while staying true to yourself
  • How showing up as yourself online can help you attract the right audience
  • Understanding your motives and your vision for your business
  • How to address your customers’ most common objections and concerns

Resources from this episode:

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