Episode 71: Will a Doctorate Degree Help You in Business?

Season #1

Should you get a doctorate degree? It’s a difficult question, and it’s one that looms over plenty of entrepreneurs in the OT world. Before you make the decision, it’s important to understand why you might (or might not) want to pursue a doctorate degree and which type would benefit your business most.

In this listener request episode, I’m explaining the benefits of doctorate degrees for entrepreneurs in the OT space. I’m breaking down the differences between a PhD and an OTD, and I’m explaining how each can help you grow your business. Plus, I’m also sharing my personal reasons for pursuing a doctorate degree and my plans to implement what I’ve learned in my entrepreneurship journey. 

Thanks to @bpesh on Instagram for suggesting the topic for this episode!

We’ll discuss:

  • Why an OT school’s main purpose shouldn’t be teaching you about business
  • The difference between a PhD and an OTD, and which is more widely recognized
  • How doctorate degrees can significantly improve your entrepreneurship journey
  • Understanding the purpose of a doctorate degree as an OT
  • Why some OTs will never need doctorate degrees to run successful businesses
  • How doctorate programs can help you learn to think critically and analyze research


Resources from this episode:

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