Episode 75: The Final Episode! (Reflections on 75 Episodes, 3 Years of Podcasting, and My Entrepreneurial Journey + What’s Next)

Season #1

Hi Dear Listeners,

I want to say a HUGE thank you for listening to this podcast for the past 3 years.

YOU have helped get the message out into the world about how awesome OT entrepreneurs are!

In this episode, I share from my heart about why I've decided to end the podcast with this 75th episode, on the 3rd birthday of the Mind Your OT Business Podcast.

I share:

  • The lessons I learned from my podcasting journey
  • My main goal when starting the Mind Your OT Business podcast
  • How I'm learning to focus & niche to simplify my business (why it is OK to do less...or just enough in your business!)
  • Why I decided to give up moderation of the OT Entrepreneurs Facebook group and end the Mind Your OT Business Podcast
  • Encouragement for you if you're thinking about making big changes or a pivot in your business
  • The total number of downloads as of the date I recorded this last episode! :) (Hint: it is MORE than 6-figures!!) THANKS TO YOU FOR LISTENING!!! 

I can't express how much sharing my entrepreneurial journey in this public forum has helped me...and I hope that it has helped YOU. 

The 75 episodes of this podcast will stay up for the indefinite future so you can continue to leave reviews and share with friends who may need any of the information here. You'll continue to find Mind Your OT Business listed wherever you listen to podcasts.

Always remember: take a small step, because small steps make great gains over time.

So until next time, mind your OT business!



Resources from this episode:

OT Entrepreneurs Facebook Group

If you're a pediatric practitioner who loves nature, you might want my free e-book: The Nature-Based Practice Roadmap: A Guide to Help You Focus (& Avoid Costly Mistakes) as You Start or Grow Your Nature-Based Practice. Go to: bit.ly/natureroadmap to get your free copy.