Therapy in the Great Outdoors: The Podcast

Are you a pediatric therapist who wants to take your work with children outdoors into nature? As a nature-based pediatric therapist & entrepreneur, I’ve spent years finding the balance between the practice of nature-based therapy and improving my business.

There’s so much to learn–from groundbreaking research on the therapy side to new marketing strategies on the business side–and I’m here to help you make sense of all of it, all while staying true to the core of your work.

In this first episode, I’m sharing my journey to becoming a nature-based pediatric therapist and what led me to help other professionals expand and improve their own businesses. I’m explaining why I pivoted from my old show to this one and what you can expect from upcoming episodes.

We’ll discuss:

  • How nature-based practice might help you reignite your love of your work as a pediatric therapist
  • How the ConTiGO (Connection & Transformation in the Great Outdoors) Approach was created 
  • A story about fear when starting something new & "putting yourself out there"
  • Why I started this podcast and ended my old one (which had 100k+ downloads and 75 episodes!)
  • What you can expect from upcoming THIS podcast will be similar to my old one AND different.

There IS an irony to this episode! Did you notice it?

Since it is episode #1, I felt I needed to give a little intro and my history for new listeners. Then right after that, I'm telling you to STOP talking about yourself in your marketing and talk about what's in it for your customers! 😁 So...I just want to reassure you that future episodes will be jam-packed with helpful content for you and I will NOT be talking about myself as much! haha! 😆

Resources from this episode:

 Are you a pediatric therapist interested in taking your work with children out into nature? Visit to join the waitlist for the ConTiGO Approach Online Course.

While you're waiting for the course, join our FREE Therapy in the Great Outdoors Community. We have treatment activities, research, training, a job & volunteer board, and a discussion forum where like-minded therapists are all gathered together to help you take your therapy work with children into the great outdoors! Did I mention it's FREE? Go to to join today!