Mistakes to Avoid in Each Stage of Nature-Based Practice

As you grow your nature-based practice, you’ll find that there are 4 main stages of business that you encounter. There is no endpoint and your journey will take you from stage to stage, and as you evolve you will face new challenges and opportunities.

In this episode, I’m sharing what you should focus on and the mistakes to avoid as you go through each stage of your business, You’ll hear insight from my own business as a nature-based pediatric therapist as well as the knowledge that I’ve accumulated over my years of group coaching and observing other practices and how they manage their companies. 

We’ll discuss:

  • My takeaways from the Umbrella Review from Harper, Fernee and Gabrielsen
  • The 4 stages of nature-based practice
  • My tips for what to focus on in each stage of your practice
  • Mistakes to avoid during each business phase
  • Why I recommend investing in mentoring or coaching

Resources from this episode:

Nature's Role in Outdoor Therapies: An Umbrella Review (Harper, Fernee, & Gabrielsen, 2021)

The ConTiGO Approach Online Course

Nature-Based Practice Roadmap

Small Business Administration


Mindset: The New Psychology of Success


Therapy in the Great Outdoors Community

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