7: Seven Tenets of a Nature-Based Lifestyle

What are common "tenets" (traits, ideologies, beliefs, or principles) of a nature-based lifestyle?

In today’s episode, I’m sharing my very EARLY thoughts on commonalities I’ve noticed from working with other nature-based therapists for several years now. 

Through conversations with others in this space, I have developed seven tenets that I think exemplify values we share as nature-loving therapists.

I’m sharing them in this unscripted, semi-fumbling-over-my-words, early ideas format because I want to hear what YOU think!

The 7 (tentative) Tenets of a Nature-Based Lifestyle may be:

  • We CONNECT with each other and nature
  • We PROTECT the earth
  • We HONOR the interconnectedness of life—past, present, and future
  • We NOTICE things, both big and small, in nature and in each other
  • We MOVE our bodies for health and well-being
  • We GROW by embracing opportunities and staying open-minded to change
  • We SIMPLIFY our personal and professional lives to make time for what matters in life.

So in sum: connect & protect, honor & notice, move & grow, + simplify.

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Resources from this episode:
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