10 Reasons to Take Pediatric Therapy Outdoors (with Sneak Peeks of My Research Findings)

Are you a traditional pediatrician therapist considering taking your practice outdoors? There are so many benefits to starting a nature-based practice, many of which you’ve probably never thought of. Today, I’m breaking them down using some of my recent research findings.

In this episode, I share ten reasons you should take your pediatric therapy practice outdoors. I explain what makes nature-based therapy so effective for patients and appealing to parent. You’ll also hear the benefits of nature-based practices from a business owner’s perspective.

We’ll discuss:

  • How my current research is going and a few sneak peeks into what I’m uncovering
  • How nature-based pediatric therapy can reignite your love for your work
  • Why nature-based therapy is often more affordable and accessible than regular therapy
  • Why parents and patients value nature-based therapy so highly
  • Research that supports the effectiveness of nature-based pediatric therapy
  • Why children need to engage in risky play in a neutral environment
  • The unlimited potential of nature-based therapy, both for patients and practitioners

Resources from this episode:

Sparked by Jonathan Fields

If you're ready to take the next step in this adventure, join our free Therapy in the Great Outdoors Community at therapyinthegreatoutdoors.com. The TGO community is a private space just for nature based pediatric practitioners. We have loads of resources there to support you as you start or grow a nature based practice or program.

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