20: How to Hire Great People

When it comes to hiring, you have to make sure that potential employees are the right fit for your business. It takes time to know what you’re looking for and to find them, but it’s worth it in the long run to have systems in place that help make hiring a smooth process.

In today’s episode, I share five practices I use in my business to hire great people. Building a team that aligns with the values of your business is crucial to the success of the business. When you have that alignment, you know that your team is carrying out those values, supporting your approach to nature-based practice, and delivering consistent services to the families you serve.

I hope that the tips in this episode help you to get clear on what you want in an employee. And if you’re looking for more in-depth business coaching and a supportive community, the doors to TGO Business Hive open at the end of this month. We’d love to have you.

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • An update on my business numbers from last episode, and the importance of asking questions of your accountant to better understand your numbers
  • Choosing 3-4 business values so that you know who you are looking for when you hire, plus what my business value are and how they inform my hiring process
  • Writing your application and interview guide in alignment with your business values, and why you want job applicants to pay attention to details and reply thoughtfully
  • How asking for work samples can help you further investigate the quality of an applicant’s work
  • How doing a working interview allows you (or your employees) to see that person in their true work environment
  • The importance of relying on your therapists and employees to give you honest feedback about potential hires
  • Details on the TGO Business Hive—our year-long group coaching program for nature-based business owenrs. The doors are opening next week if you’re looking for community and a business coach to help you grow your practice—and the outcomes you can expect from the program.

Resources from this episode:

Sandy York - Fit Money Coach (my accountant)

If you're ready to take the next step in this adventure, join our free Therapy in the Great Outdoors Community at therapyinthegreatoutdoors.com. The TGO community is a private space just for nature-based pediatric practitioners. We have loads of resources there to support you as you start or grow a nature-based practice or program.

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