Partnering with Schools in Your Nature-Based Practice - Live Coaching Call with Erin Wilke

When growing your nature-based therapy practice, it’s important to think of all the ways that you can connect with parents and teachers in your community. Partnering with schools is a great way to connect with families that could benefit from your services. Even better: if there are forest schools in your town, that’s an obvious environment to build long-lasting relationships.

In today’s episode, I’m doing a live coaching call with Erin Wilke, who is a member of the TGO Business Hive. She’s sharing how she has connected with the forest schools in her area to cultivate relationships that can bring forth new clients. She has great ideas on how to fill her daytime hours, and I’m sharing some ways that she can expand on her ideas and make them a reality.

The benefit of having a coach means that you can have brainstorming sessions, such as this one, that help you to understand your options, gain insight from an experienced mentor, and build the confidence to grow your business in a way that works for you.

We’ll discuss:

  • Erin’s ideas for how to fill the daytime hours in her business, including screening or in-services that could lead to new patients
  • The benefits to having outdoor and indoor space for your practice
  • How an O.T. can be helpful in a forest school
  • How you can use free or low-cost services as marketing tools for long-term business
  • My advice for how Erin can add benefits to her services, and how she can build out her offerings into a system
  • Things to consider when setting your prices, including setting expectations
  • Erin reminds us not be afraid to put yourself out there
  • The support Erin has found in the TGO Business Hive, why she joined, and why she thinks others should join

Resources from this episode:


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