24: 10-Minute Takeaway: OT & PT Experiences Using Nature-Based Rehabilitation

My 10-Minute Takeaway series is back, and I’m diving into a recently published article on the effect of using nature-based rehabilitation on adults. While my practice is primarily for pediatrics, seeing an article like this in a major journal is so exciting, because it might mean that nature-based therapy is becoming more mainstream.

In today’s episode, I’m diving into this article and sharing my biggest take-aways including further affirmation for the theory of nature-based therapy, previous studies down laying the ground-work for incorporating nature into therapy, and why we need a solid framework to inform our practice, especially in pediatric-nature based therapy.

We’ll discuss:

  • Why I’m so excited to see a new nature-based therapy study
  • Previous articles which explored adding nature into the therapy process
  • How nature can help clients on four different dimensions related to OT
  • How time in nature led to clients enjoying therapy more than previous sessions
  • Why it’s so important to have a therapeutic rationale and framework in nature-based work and especially for pediatric clients
  • Why I’m so passionate about my nature-based framework and why more frameworks are needed

Resources from this episode:

Article from this episode: Occupational therapists and physiotherapists experiences of using nature-based rehabilitation

Ulrich article: View through a window may influence recovery from surgery

Ronan Berger’s article: Theory and Practice of Nature Therapy

Wilcock & Hocking (2015) An Occupational Perspective of Health, 3rd edition. Published by SLACK.

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