Research on Nature-Based Therapy with Hannah K. Burke, MS, OTR/L

Today’s guest, Hannah Burke, is a Ph.D. candidate at Colorado State University who recently, along with her co-authors, had an article published about nature-based pediatric occupational therapy. It was a scoping review of the literature that’s out there in our field and the outcomes are fascinating.

In this episode, Hannah shares why they chose to do a scoping review, what gray literature is, what her research uncovered, and the struggles around trying to solidify a definition of nature-based OT. We also discuss the importance of interdisciplinary work with other allied health professionals in nature-based therapy.  

What struck me the most, though, was Hannah’s reminder that while research is incredibly valuable in our field, the research is just a tool to guide you in your practice and that a holistic approach will always serve us best and create the best outcomes for our clients.

We’ll discuss:

  • [03:04] Hannah's article and how she got her research published and out into the world, plus the difference between a scoping review and a systematic review
  • [10:05] Hannah's research and review process for the article
  • [20:12] The struggle of trying to define nature-based occupational therapy without getting too specific, and what Hannah hopes the definition will include going forward
  • [32:40] The theories informing the work of nature-based practices
  • [39:22] Hannah shares some of the outcomes from the review on natured-based OT and intervention
  • [48:51] Why interdisciplinary work with other allied health professionals is so important in nature-based therapy
  • [53:13] The unique considerations that we need to make in our skill sets, knowledge, and competencies as therapists in order to do work outdoors
  • [01:00:38] How research is a tool and guide to use in our practices and not necessarily the be-all and end-all

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