30: The Start-Up Phase of Nature-Based Practice: A Live Coaching Call with Jenna Miller, OT

Today’s episode is a live business coaching call for Jenna Miller, OT, owner of Well and Wild Child OT. Jenna is deep into the start-up phase of her nature-based practice in New York. If you’re thinking about nature-based practice or just getting started, this episode is for you!

Jenna and I discuss a variety of topics, including why it’s so important to have a community around you as a nature-based business owner, Jenna’s feelings of overwhelm, the cash pay model and generating super bills, the difference between nature-based therapy and enrichment services, and so much more. 

Jenna was also really honest about deciding whether or not to join the TGO Business Hive (spoiler alert, she obviously did!) and if you’re in need of community as well while running your nature-based business, this is your invitation to join the waitlist. Hope to see you there. 

We’ll discuss:

  • [00:00] The importance of having a community as a nature-based business owner, and an invitation to join the waitlist for the TGO Business Hive
  • [07:46] An introduction to Jenna Miller, OT, and how she partnered with local nature-based organizations to get started, plus the difference between nature-based therapy vs. enrichment services 
  • [17:53] Jenna’s questions about the start-up phase and her feelings of overwhelm and discomfort (which are totally normal!)
  • [21:05] Generating superbills for clients in a cash-pay model, how to offer above-and-beyond services that people will pay cash for, and documentation for nature-based services
  • [30:09] The fear of doing something wrong as you get started, but also the joy of having a community where you can be honest about your entrepreneurial struggles
  • [38:41] Things to consider when deciding to offer individual or group therapy services when you’re starting out
  • [44:37] Jenna’s decision making process on whether to join the Business Hive and who she thinks the community is best for (HINT: almost anyone running a nature-based business!)

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