34: Diving into Surf Therapy with Naomi Matanick, OTR/L

🏄🏽‍♀️ Naomi Matanick, OTR/L started a nature-based therapy practice utilizing SURFING as her therapeutic modality! ğŸŒŠ

Tune in to learn:

00:01:57 How Naomi discovered surf therapy.

00:06:43 The challenges Naomi encountered early on in her practice.

00:11:22 How her first surf therapy session taught her valuable lessons.

00:13:08 Nature-based therapy practice requires business know-how

00:17:55 How Naomi made changes after her first session

00:19:10 Invoicing and billing for surf therapy sessions as an OT

00:20:23 Leading with your professional licensure; keeping the lens of your profession when treating outdoors ("nature-based therapy" is not a licensed profession)

00:22:24 Goal writing for surf therapy

00:23:53 Determining if a child is a good fit for surf therapy sessions

00:25:42 How Naomi supports children's autonomy in sessions

00:26:09 Naomi's intake process

00:27:40 Logistics of growing the business

00:34:38 What Naomi charges per session

00:36:43 Using an EMR and when you might need one (versus using Google for notes)

00:38:54 What she plans to do during colder winter months

Connect with Naomi on Instagram @hang_ten_therapeutics or her website https://www.hang-tentherapeutics.com/

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