35: Help Kids Achieve Their Own Goals By Asking The Right Questions (A Real-Life Story from Nature-Based Practice)

This week's TGO Podcast is an honest share of my attempt to implement an evidence-based method directly within a nature-based therapy session. The CO-OP approach is a simple system for helping children to achieve their own goals, and it strongly aligns with the philosophy of my nature-based therapy framework, the ConTiGO (Connection & Transformation in the Great Outdoors) Approach. In this episode, I share a real-life story from my practice last week. I think you'll have a few key takeaways that you can do TODAY in any practice setting with children. 

2:00 Background - why I'm sharing this real-life story to help you in your nature-based practice.

3:15 What the CO-OP approach is and how it is an evidence-based method aligned with the ConTiGO (Connection & Transformation in the Great Outdoors) Approach to nature-based therapy

6:30 Having children set their own goals

7:45 A real-life story of how I applied CO-OP in a session today

11:30 How we often rob children of the opportunity to problem-solve

12:20 Letting children come to solutions on their own

14:45 Reflection questions used in the ConTiGO Approach (Connection & Transformation in the Great Outdoors)

Resources to learn more about Cognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP):


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