39: Ask-Me-Anything about Nature-Based Practice: A Reverse Interview with Alexa Ambrosino, OTDS

Alexa Ambrosino is an occupational therapy doctorate student at Duquesne University. As part of her capstone project, she requested an interview with me to discuss nature-based practice and advocacy…and I agreed on the condition that we could have the conversation publicly on the podcast to share with all of you! So this was a reverse interview where Alexa became the host and I had to answer all the questions. Here’s everything we covered in this interview:

0:00 Introducing Alexa & her capstone project work

1:20 What is my professional background? (Summing up 23 years in 1 minute!)

4:20 How is nature-based therapy different than outdoor play?

6:05 How Alexa structured her social groups using her OT knowledge

6:36 What is the process for starting a nature-based business?

8:35 What are the benefits (& challenges) of nature-based therapy for children?

11:30 Alexa shares a great story about a real-life challenge that happened during one of her camp groups

12:31 Does my nature-based practice offer individual or only groups?

13:15 Why a group is not always best for a child & why it is hard for Americans to understand a group therapy model

12:15 What diagnoses does my practice see most often?

16:53 Would my practice ever expand to seeing adults in nature? (And why I said “Nope” really quickly.)

18:22 Have I noticed a difference in kids who spend more time outdoors? What about technology? (And my embarrassing confession)

22:40 Can nature-based therapy be covered by insurance in the US? Does my practice take insurance? What about other nature-based practices? Challenges of insurance reimbursement & different funding sources to consider in a cash-pay practice.

30:00 What does my practice charge for nature-based sessions? + Ways to price services using an equity-based pricing model.

34:30 What do I think deserves the most advocacy in nature-based practice?

37:47 What have I done to advocate for nature-based programming? (Here I admit something I'm kind of insecure about.)

41:33 How do I recommend promoting nature-based therapy to parents and other people who aren’t therapists?

47:00 What do I think are the drawbacks or negatives of nature-based therapy?

51:22 Do parents ever worry about safety in nature-based therapy?

52:30 What is my biggest piece of advice for new nature-based therapists?

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