40: The Magic Speech Bus: Mobile Nature-Based Speech Therapy with Kristin Park, MS, SLP

🚌 Kristin Park, MS, SLP is here to share all about the creation of her business, the Magic Speech Bus! In this episode, you’ll learn:

[03:39] How Kristin got started

[09:00] How much it costs to build out a van to use for nature-based therapy services (you might be surprised!) 💰

[18:02] How Kristin considers weather when offering mobile nature-based therapy services

[22:41] Kristin’s marketing strategies and her first few months in business

[29:25] Kristin’s challenges and successes with targeting different speech language skills outdoors

[37:46] Kristin’s advice for overcoming imposter syndrome and having courage to take the leap into nature-based therapy!

[39:47] Why Kristin joined the Business Hive, my group coaching program for nature-based business owners.

[43:31] The key reasons I think have been critical to Kristin’s early success in her nature-based practice

Connect with Kristin on Instagram @ magicspeechbus or on her website at www.magicspeechbus.com. She also offers consult for anyone who wants to get started using a bus for mobile therapy services- you can book on her website.

On NEXT week's episode, Kristin will be back for a live business coaching call with yours truly- so you'll get to hear how she thinks strategically about her business and see behind the scenes as we work on her business together.

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