44: A Yearly Planning Guide for Your Nature-Based Business

You must have a plan to grow a successful nature-based business. (I've learned this more and more as my practice has grown!) In this episode, I'm sharing my yearly business planning guide to help you plan for your best year yet in your nature-based practice.

In my coaching program, the Business Hive, I teach a curriculum I developed years ago called the Business Bedrocks. The Business Bedrocks are the 4 essential areas that every business owner needs to master in order to thrive: Mindset, Operations, Finances, & Marketing.

There are 10 yearly planning areas in the broad "business bedrocks" categories:


1. Mindset and personal growth


2. Financial growth

3. Diversifying revenue streams

4. Financial systems / organization


5. Product development and growth

6. Team and culture

7. Physical resources (supplies, space, etc.)

8. Systems (productivity, efficiency)


9. Visibility and growth

10. Customer satisfaction

If you feel like you're flying by the seat of your pants in your business, listen to this episode to make a YEARLY PLAN so you can have your best year ever in your nature-based business next year!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Business Hive Group Coaching Program for nature-based business owners