46: 2023 Year-in-Review Part 2: Therapy in the Great Outdoors Revenue, Impact, & Goals for 2024

This is my 2023 Year-in-Review episode (part 2) where I’ll focus on sharing behind-the-scenes of my online business: Therapy in the Great Outdoors, where I help pediatric practitioners start and grow nature-based practices or programs.

You’ll learn:

  • How I developed the suite of offers that I currently have.
  • Exactly how much money I brought in with my online programs this year.
  • How much I paid myself (you will be shocked)
  • Mistakes I made so you can avoid them in your nature-based practice.
  • Why you MUST control expenses!
  • Why the advice to “outsource” or “delegate” is not always the best advice
  • How to be confident in the face of competition in a market
  • Goals for the TGO business in 2024

🎉 ANNOUNCEMENT: The ConTiGO Approach™ nature-based therapy certification & mentoring program will open for enrollment from Jan 15-19, 2024. It includes all the essentials you need to become an expert in nature-based pediatric therapy. Join the waitlist at contigoapproach.com