53. Start-Up Decisions in a Nature-Based Speech Therapy Practice: Live Coaching Call with Kate Glennon, MS, CCC-SLP, Certified Nature Educator

Kate Glennon MS, CCC-SLP, Certified Nature Educator came on the show this week for a live coaching call. She has a GREAT problem of lots of growth in the early days of her nature-based speech therapy practice! On this live coaching call, we discussed:

-Ways to get focused time to work on your business while raising a young family in a small house (without spending extra money on an office space)

-How to boost your productivity by pairing something positive with the negative business stuff that we all have to do (like taxes)

-Thinking about who to hire & when, once your own schedule as the business owner is full to the brim

-Why bookkeeping is one of the best things you can spend money on early in your business (& recommendations for how to find a good bookkeeper)

-Considerations when hiring employees vs. administrative help for your first hire (there are pros and cons of each)

-Ways to know when you're ready to hire another employee Connect with Kate @outdoorsyslp on Instagram or on her website at outdoorsyslp.com

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Profit First Professionals website to find a bookkeeper who is familiar with Profit First

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Get the BIG HUGE List of Nature-Based Pediatric Therapy Activities here!