54. Recent Research Review: Nature and Children's Psychological Well-Being

In this episode, I share results from a recent systematic review examining the effect of exposure to nature on children's psychological well-being. You'll learn what the literature says about this topic (it's good news but also NOT as great as we might wish for...more research always needed). Plus, I pull out a few practical takeaways for your work as a nature-based therapist. I also give a little mini-lesson on Attention Restoration Theory, and realized I've never done an episode on the topic of ART so stay tuned for that coming next week! See ya then!

References from this episode:

Liu, J., & Green, R. (2023). The effect of exposure to nature on children's psychological well-being: A systematic review of the literature. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 81, 127846. 

Bang, K.-S., Kim, S., Song, M., Kang, K., & Jeong, Y. (2018). The effects of a health promotion program using urban forests and nursing student mentors on the perceived and psychological health of elementary school children in vulnerable populations. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(9), 1977.  

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