58. Live Coaching Call for Marianna Ayers Sordille, OTD, OTR/L

Marianna Ayers Sordille, OTD, OTR/L, owner of Whole Child Pediatric OT in Clayton, CA, joined me for a live coaching call to get some help with her nature-based business.

We discussed:

-Niching DOWN in your nature-based practice (but not TOO niched-down) & why it is SO important now to do so

-Communicating value to your potential clients (which is especially important when you're offering therapy services which can be perceived as "expensive" by families)

-Considerations when packaging your services and how to get paid for all your time spent working -Ways to save time when offering packaged services for clients

-Assessing children for therapy services

And along the way we also touched upon some mindset issues commonly experienced by nature-based therapists. They never go away...but with time you learn to recognize them more quickly...and simply having awareness of them helps you to overcome those mindset challenges!

Connect with Marianna on Instagram @wholechildpediatricOT or visit her website at wholechildpediatric.com

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