63. Planning for Your Summer Nature-Based Programs - A Live Coaching Call for Jillian Blount

Jillian Blount is back for a live coaching call here on the TGO podcast! She needed help sorting through options when planning for her summer programming in her nature-based practice. There are LOTS of ideas here to help you when thinking through logistics in your own practice.

[2:11] How you can do nature-based therapy anywhere: ALASKA! Public parks. People's homes. Or your own private land in Alaska like Jillian's family just bought!

[5:30] Navigating extending offers to employees as a very small practice

[6:48] How many logistics there are in owning land to offer nature-based therapy services.

[9:00] How to prioritize what you need to focus on in your business at the right time, even when you're in overwhelm

[10:54] Planning for summer services in your nature-based practice...it doesn't have to look like everyone else's offers!

[12:45] Naming services so that parents understand what they are.

[14:40] How to decide what to charge for your summer services and how to structure them as enrichment or therapy, based on payor sources (Medicaid, private insurance or private pay)

[18:00] Doing the math to determine what to charge, based on what reimbursement or rates are in your area and how much time you spend for yourself or staff to provide the service

[22:00] Important considerations when marketing any outdoor service that is run by a therapist (enrichment or therapy services)

[27:26] The importance of your EMAIL LIST and giving DEADLINES to people Connect with Jillian on Instagram @wildfreekidsot and check out her practice at www.wildfreekidsot.com Other episodes featuring Jillian as a guest:

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